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Miracles do happen...

Pouty lips. Tiny toes. Strong little fingers. Watchful eyes. All heart and trust. This brief time in your baby's life is the most vulnerable and heart-awakening it will ever be. Let Austin Baby Photographer portray those cherished memories forever in a way that will make you misty-eyed with love.

Baby portrait of parents with their handsome new baby.

"I absolutely love this one of him! So sweet. I love ALL of them!" Susie S.

Intimate Connections

Even when your baby is less than two weeks old, this is the perfect time to begin our Connections portraiture. These intimate moments of the developing relationship between mom, dad and baby happen only once. This is a time of contrasts: tiny hands and feet held securely by mature hands, the smallest newborn protected on dad's strong bare chest, mother's open heart pouring into this innocent new life cuddling to her. Just watching your baby sleep can bring joy unlike any other. These are the memories to preserve.

Baby's First Year

Continue your portraits through your baby's first year. This year brings change more quickly than any other time in life. The first expressions of personality, the hesitant stages of learning to walk. Smiles, giggles, furrowed brows, staring in fascination and learning about body movement - sitting, crawling, asking for mom and dad. The parent becomes the prop in these portraits, portraying the visual metaphor for your baby's life experience.

Baby Studio Photography

Entrust your family's memories to Damon Leo. His desire is to honor this miracle of life in a way that displays your love and joy. Offering timeless portraits, albums, storyboards, custom announcements and collections, his goal is to provide you with beautiful pieces of art that are almost as pretty as your new baby. Almost.