Austin Headshot Photographer Discovers Supermodel in 1980

Like many young photographers in the 80’s, I wanted to be a famous fashion photographer and shoot for Vogue. I also wanted to discover the next big Supermodel, and I think Katy had that potential. She was tall and mysterious with great bone structure. I had her set up to got to NYC to interview with Ford, but at the last minute, she decided she would rather stay in Austin with her biker boyfriend. I was crushed.
Looking at this image from 1980, I still think she would have looked great on the cover of Vogue.

Headshot of a beautiful model from 1980 in the studio of Damon Leo Photography, Austin TX

Now much older and a little wiser, I have learned to appreciate the beauty that I find in every client. For each headshot and executive portrait session, I emphasize the outer beauty of my client, and draw out the inner beauty, which is really what separates a winning portrait from a passport photo or a selfie. It starts with building up their self confidence then increases by seeing their images on a large monitor that I send wirelessly from my camera after every shot. It culminates in than one ultimate pose where inner and outer beauty, self confidence and great expression come together to create the perfect headshot. This is the one that will draw people to you when you use it on your resume or as your online avatar.
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