Austin Headshots for Publicity Photos are natural and flattering.

I photographed Holistic Chiropractor Dr. Robin Mayfield in her clinic office to create a very beautiful and natural publicity photo.

Austin fibromyalgia natural holistic chiropractor Dr. Robin Mayfield.

I like to do headshot sessions in my studio where I can control the lighting and background, but I sometimes do location shoots for publicity photos. These can be more effective for certain kinds of marketing like print advertising. For example, Dr. Mayfield used this shot to appear in her new clinic newsletter. You can see it HERE.

Headshots and publicity need to be very flattering to the subject, and they need to look natural and appealing. People form their first impression very quickly, so you have a few seconds to grab their attention and convince them that you are trustworthy and competent. Make the most of this opportunity by carefully choosing the photographer that you will trust with this important task.

We all know that the “Eyes are the Windows of the Soul” and nowhere is that more important than in your headshot. People will subconsciously judge you by the look in your eyes. You need to be very relaxed and feeling confident and good about yourself. I work with my clients to help them get into the state of mind that will create this powerful image. It is not just about smiling. It is about projecting your true open authentic self into the lens of my camera and the mind of your client.