Headshots Austin: Author Updates Her Publicity Photo

Nationally famous Math Educator, Author and Speaker, Dr. Cathy L. Seeley decided she needed a new headshot for her new book. Here is the previous shot I did for her a few years ago:

Publicity photo by Damon Leo Photography.

Dr. Seeley scheduled her headshot session, and when seeing the images that I sent wirelessly to a large monitor, realized she had worn the wrong blouse. That’s the advantage of seeing a large preview, instead of looking at a small image on the back of a camera. So we stopped and rescheduled, no problem. The next session produced two great shots.


Austin Headshot photographer Damon Leo produced this image for a prominent math educator.

A great headshot with a solid blue dress and a dynamic expression.

Publicity photo by Austin Headshot photographer Damon Leo.

What a wonderful natural hand pose that makes this headshot unique.

It’s a great idea to have two or more different headshot poses that you can use for different purposes. During the session, I noticed that Dr. Seeley was holding her hands near her face in a very natural way. I loved the pose and asked her to hold it. As you can see, it worked! Hands are the hardest part of the body to pose because they can easily look awkward, or else they can look too big because they are closer to the camera. This turned out to be Cathy’s favorite pose, and she used it in a recent press release:

Marketing brochure for well-known math educator using a headshot by Damon Leo Photography.

Advertising brochure for Dr. Cathy Seeley.