Maternity Photography Austin TX – Artistic Nude Pregnancy Portrait


Erica is a very creative adventurous young woman, so she wanted something daring and exciting for her maternity portrait. She had a lot of great ideas for poses, so we spent two hours trying different lighting setups and backgrounds. We got so many good shots, that it was hard for her to choose, but this was one of my favorites. I played around with the image in Photoshot and created an interesting matte with a blurred version of the image itself. I’m excited when my client wants to try different ideas to create a unique work of art, but I’m equally happy to work with a more conservative traditional woman to give her an artistic portrait that celebrates this amazing event in her life. I always let the woman decide how traditional or artistic she wants to be, and never push anyone into doing something they are not comfortable with.

My goal is always to use lighting and posing to create a flattering exciting Pregnancy Portrait. Of course, showing the Baby Bump is the point, but there are many ways to do this. Some women do not want to show any skin, so they can either wear an outfit that they bring along that they chose themselves, or I can wrap them in one of the many fabrics that I have on hand at the studio. Semi-transparent fabrics work well, especially with backlighting, to show a more romantic view of the belly.

Hand position is another thing that causes confusion in a maternity portrait. We’ve all seen plenty of pregnant poses in magazines and on the web that look awkward or unnatural and some that appear graceful and natural. I’ve learned what works best over many years of posting women’s hands. I also like to watch my client to see what her natural hand positions are, and perhaps use one of those. The easiest way is to just caress the belly in a natural that would be like communicating with the baby.

The beautiful thing is that no matter what poses we try, they always end up being unique because each person is different and special.