What motivates me

I have been a portrait photographer for many years, and photographed thousands of people. I have mastered the technical side of my craft which means learning to use complicated cameras and software. I am skilled at lighting and posing, although neither of those can ever be completely mastered by anyone. I am able to put most of my subjects at ease so I can take portraits of them that they will love and want to purchase and hang on their walls.

So what keeps me interested and excited? What motivates me? First of all, I still find every portrait session a challenge. Every person is different and brings something unique to the camera room. I pressure myself, because I’m a perfectionist and always want to take the perfect portrait of each client. What keeps me in the game is this: I want to create a work of art that will endure and inspire forever. This is my personal challenge to myself. This is the core of what I do, and why I do it.