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Your best option for children portraits in Austin TX is Damon Leo Photography studio in Westlake.

"Look at those eyes! I've never seen a portrait actually capture how amazing my daughter's eyes are in real life. How did you do that?" R.M.

Children's Portraits

I know that the eyes are the most beautiful part of a child, and I know how to make them look amazing. I also know that I cannot tell a child what to do. I am patient and very skilled at waiting for the perfect moment to capture that unique expression that will last forever. I like to let children be themselves and have fun. That is how I get the natural smiles that will melt your heart. I don't tell a child to smile...I give them a reason to smile.

Fleeting Moments

"Somewhere in-between the crying for more cheerios and milk and diaper changes, you managed to catch my children how I know them best - happy and gorgeous. Everyone assumes my children must be total angels to sit so still for such a fine portrait. Little do they know!" M.P.

Speaking of time, significant childhood years can really speed by. Around age 4 to 5, your child begins to lose some teeth and curls in the hair, changing that cherubic baby face into more mature sculpted facial features. As you tearfully leave them at school for the first time, they learn to assert more independence. Marking these last days of babyhood is one of the milestone portraits that should always be included in your family memories. This might be the time for a color study in a favorite outfit, tutu, cowboy boots or whatever marks their burgeoning personality.

Boys and Girls

"Graduating" from elementary school certainly marks another significant time for your child. Personal appearance begins to take on more importance, and sports, hobbies and creative talents are emerging. During the adolescent and pre-teen years of mood swings, you may question your sanity while loving more than you have ever loved. This is another great opportunity for a Relationship portrait study, while your child will still hug you.

I Know.

Your family is what you cherish most. I know that. I want to help you celebrate that emotion.