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Important information about Damon Leo Portrait Studio

Frequently Asked Questions


Just to put things into perspective, a session and a print cost less than an hour with a good lawyer, a fancy pair of shoes, or a party dress that you wear one time. And portraits are personal art that will last forever, long after that dress has been sold on eBay or donated to Good Will. Everyone loves a deal, so I have great specials running most of the time. Otherwise, all sessions are $150, and last up to 2 hours. This fee covers the time and does not include any images. The session fee is paid in advance to reserve your time slot. There are no refunds for session fees and there is a 48 hour reschedule policy. Noshows forfeit the session fee. Yuck. And due to the custom nature of portraiture, there are no returns or refunds once you approve your prints or files and take them from the studio. Makes sense, right?

One reason people choose Damon Leo Studio is because of the awesome retouching that lets everyone look their best without looking fake. It also includes a small amount of body sculpting. Please inquire about Skinnyfying, available for additional fee. It should be illegal.Standard retouching is included with all prints and Digital Negatives (files). You have a choice of purchasing high resolution digital files or custom prints. Files have become very popular because you can legally make all the prints you want in any size. I will tell you which labs I recommend because it DOES make a difference. Costco photo lab is great if you are a member. The first Digital Negative is $150 and all after that are $95 each. Prints start at $150 for 8x12 and smaller. Prints include a small shareable file of the same pose for Facebook, etc. Most clients spend from $300-2500 or more, depending on how many wall portraits and gift prints they choose. Believe it or not, I've been told many times that I don't charge enough for the quality of work that I offer. But I want everyone to have a "DAMON LEO" hanging on their wall!


This has replaced "How much is an 8x10" as the most frequently asked question. The simple answer is YES. I still believe that a portrait printed on paper and hung on your wall is the best way to enjoy your art. You will see it every day and it will make you smile. The sad truth is that many people who buy their digital negatives never do anything with them. They put them in a drawer and forget about them. How sad is that?


Once you decide that you want me to take your portrait, all you have to do is pay the session fee online to reserve your time slot. When I receive notice of payment, I will call or email you to find a good time to schedule your portrait session. That is a good time to tell me any special requests that you have and ask any questions. Then I will email you detailed directions about how to find my studio. That's all there is to it!


This is a normal concern about many purchases. I myself worry about ordering an expensive bottle of wine and not liking it. If I had hair, I would worry about getting a bad haircut. Do I have to pay for it? I'm sure you can think of other examples where you risk your money on something that cannot easily be fixed.

Well, you can relax about your portrait. Damon Leo guarantees that you will be completely delighted with the art he creates for you. All you have to do is follow the easy guidelines that he provides. The beautiful portraits that Damon is famous for do not happen by accident. They are the result of working together to create the best possible images. These simple guidelines will be explained in detail at your Pre Portrait consultation. Basically they involve wearing the right clothes, arriving on time, getting a good nights sleep. Then you just relax and let him take care of the details.

Recently I added a wireless system to my camera, so that we can see the images we are creating on a computer to be sure we are on the right track. Seeing them on a big monitor is much better than looking at the back of a camera. This has proven to be very valuable, because we can work together to make small adjustments in clothing or poses to get the very best portrait.

But if you are not happy with the results, we can schedule another session, or refund your session fee. Sometimes a second session really helps if my client brought the wrong clothes or was having a bad day. You don't have to worry about having to pay for something you are not happy with.


Damon Leo Studio is located at 3102 Bee Cave Road near Loop 1 Mopac in Westlake. This is centrally located and easily accessible from all parts of Austin. The studio is hidden away in the trees in a beautiful secluded office building. Even though it is on a major street, it is tricky to find, even using Google Maps, because the address is out of sequence for some reason. That's why I give detailed directions when you schedule your appointment.

Please be aware that all studio visits are by appointment only. Dropins are not encouraged or allowed. Please call 512-347-8700 to schedule a visit.


I don't keep regular business hours. All appointments are by appointment only. I try to be at the studio from 11am to 4pm weekdays to answer the phone. The earliest I will schedule a session is at 11am. I am not a morning person. Sometimes I will make an exception for newborns if that is their best time of the day. I don't have a full time staff, and use part timers as assistants and makeup artists. So please don't come to the studio without an appointment. I do not interrupt a session in progress to answer the phone or get the door. When creativity is happening, nothing gets in the way.


I am a strong advocate of personal privacy. I will never reveal your personal information to anyone, and never use anyone's full name on a sample photo on the Web, without their permission. Facebook users are used to tagging images with full names, so I will do it too on FB unless you specifically ask me not to. I always watermark every sample image that I post to discourage theft and possible reuse, but as you know, it is impossible to protect photos on the internet. It took me a long time to get comfortable with using my clients' portraits as samples, but I learned that most people wanted me to post their pictures and got upset with me if I didn't. It just goes to show you. But definitely tell me if you don't want your portraits to be posted anywhere by me, or maybe certain ones that you think are too personal.

For credit card processing, I use Square, so no credit card data ever goes on to my computers. It is encrypted by the scanner and sent directly to Square. I shred every document and photo at the studio so no paper with any personal information goes in the trash. If you have any other questions or concerns about privacy, please ask.


This is a very important question because the wrong clothes can ruin a portrait. We will discuss this in detail with you when your schedule your session. The best style of clothing varies with the type of portrait you are getting. In general, midtone solid colors work best and long sleeves are very flattering. Avoid patterns and sleeveless tops.


The Relationship Portrait Dress Code is very specific and simple: Dark simple clothes so the focus will be on you faces and hands...black or dark gray long sleeve mock turtleneck shirts, dark pants or jeans, black socks and shoes or barefoot, no watches or costume jewelry. Don't worry if you cannot find black turtlenecks. We have plenty at the studio for you. Just show up with dark pants and we will provide the shirts. No need to worry. The keyword is "SIMPLICITY".