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Modern Glamour Portraits for Modern Women

Every woman, no matter what her age, deserves to have a flattering portrait that she can be proud of. I have spent many years learning how to use the best lighting and posing to create these flattering images. I am also a Photoshop Master and know how to retouch portraits so they will look excellent without looking fake.

This type of portrait has several different names. Traditionally in photography, a white background shot is called High Key. But when it is bright and blown out like these it is called White On White or WOW. It creates a magical fantasy effect where you are still recognizable but without all those annoying details. It looks best with blonde or light colored hair, but works fine with darker hair. It also looks best with white clothing or bare skin. No special makeup is needed except a little darker contour or blusher and a darker shade of lipstick, non glossy.

The idea of a glamour portrait is this: There is a difference between things women wear during a glamour session and something they wear out in town. Glamour is meant to be a little more everything than usual, that's why we do them. It's like the fantasy of playing dressup as a young girl.

The Glamour session is a fun shoot because everything goes. You never know what pose is going to look best, so we try a lot of ideas, just playing it by ear. Sometimes we use a fan to give your hair some movement, sometimes you might spin around and dance, or just stand still. The mood really depends on how you are feeling. It's a great process of working together to create an iconic image of you that will represent the you who you are now. At least, the playful, romantic, artistic side of yourself. This session is a chance to let out a part of you that might be held in reserve for special occasions. It's like acting, but you are playing an exciting version of yourself.