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Newborn Photography Austin TX

Newborn and baby portraits are the most special

We see the future in a baby. Everything is possible and nobody knows who that tiny creature will become. It is so important to create artistic images of these very young people, because they are so very special. Snapshots are cool and important, but a work of art that you hang on your wall will always take you back to a certain and place and help you remember the very essence of your baby, no matter how old they are now.

Highest rated newborn photograhy Austin TX by Damon Leo Portrait studio creates tender sweet fine art.My approach to photographing newborn babies is a little different because I like the parents to be in as many pictures as possible and I prefer that the baby is awake. Of course I take pictures of the baby solo, but I don't spend an hour trying to get her into a deep sleep so she can be twisted into all sorts of unnatural positions. Don't get me wrong. I love looking at some of these amazing poses, but no baby sleeps with his chin resting on his folded hands facing the camera. Potrait of newborn baby by Damon Leo Photography

I prefer to take newborn portraits in the first 10 days of life, when they are more flexible. After one month, they are babies who are starting to look like a real baby instead of a wrinkled prune.

Austin newborn 	photographer Damon Leo presents baby Justin.