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Relationship Portraits are my black and white works of art that emphasize the emotions and connections between people.

"How I would have wanted a picture like this of me with my father. It would have saved me years of therapy! Really, Damon, my son will treasure these in 20 years as much as I treasure them now. Ann R.

Life, Love, Family

What would our lives be without the people we love? Celebrate that love with a Damon Leo Black and White Relationship Portrait. It is the perfect reminder about what is important and special in your life. And as time flies by and your life changes in unpredictable ways, it will always be there to bring you back to your heart.

"These pictures actually show that we were so relaxed - the image is captured so that you don't even think a camera was in the room with us. It's just us being together"

Relationships Are Everything

When you get down to it, our lives are defined by our relationships. It is through other people that we define ourselves. The people that we are the closest to, define the course of our life. That's why Damon Leo's Relationship Portraits are so emotional and powerful. They tap into that powerful energy that exists between people and shows it to us in an undefinable way. You will see in the Relationship Gallery, that there is no well defined pose or style for Relationships. Each one is different, just like our own.

Black and White Portrait Photography

Black and White photography portraits are contemporary again, cutting edge with a modern flair. These expressions by Damon Leo portray the heart and soul of your personal relationships. They provide the perfect finishing touch to your home interior, especially when arranged in an artful grouping. Without conflicting colors, the photos can be an integral part of any room design in home, office or gallery.

It's All About Emotion

Emotion is what defines a successful compelling portrait. It's not about just recording a face. Damon Leo is passionate about creating portraits that are loaded with emotion, where the eyes pull you in and command your attention.

Why Dark Clothing?

By wearing dark colors, you draw attention to your face and hands, not to your clothes. Family relationship dynamics, female friendships, alternative relationships, generational displays, any significant heart connections can all be powerfully portrayed with this style of portraiture.